Calvary Kids - Sundays at 10:30am

Richelle Wingo
Children's Pastor

We are super excited to have you visit Calvary Kids!  Each Sunday morning, we have a service packed with Worship, Games, Object Lessons, Interactive Bible Lessons, Prayer and More.  

When coming to visit, here are a few helpful hints:
• The Outreach Center is located on the southwest side of the church.
• Parents can pick up their children at the Outreach Center after service (no child will be released without a supervising adult, to ensure safety crossing the parking lot).
• The first Sunday of the month is Family Sunday. We will begin on those Sundays in the Sanctuary for worship and then move to Children's Church.  We encourage our children to not only hear about “big church” but experience part of it as well.

Throughout the year, Calvary Kids will also have additional activities for family fun and adventurous fun including but not limited to Summer Kids Camp, Family Activity Nights, Vacation Bible School and more!